This is it

After a 7 month ice hockey season, our playoff game comes tomorrow. We placed 1st in the division by a very narrow margin. We have good momentum and are playing well. The key is, will we show up to play tomorrow. I have already caught myself looking at the next game and not the game in front of me, which I have fixed rather quickly. I don’t want to overlook the team we are playing tomorrow.

Keeping in mind of my goal here. I have never won a championship in ice hockey. I have made it to the finals 2 times and lost in both of them. Its my hope that the 3rd time is the charm.

My roller teams continue to play well. The Fury on Tuesday had their first loss of the season while the Dragons are in 2nd place with 3 games to go.

Hockey has been very good to me and my teams lately. I cannot complain.