The playoff push

With 4 weeks left in the rollerhockey season, my teams are looking good for the push to the playoffs.

The Fury are loaded and show no signs of slowing down. I just have to be able to keep up with them. The way things are shaping up, if we lose in triple OT of the finals, it will be a failed season. This is a better team than the team that lost last season in the first round of the playoffs. Last season I played for the Stick Heads and we got beat by a weaker version of this team by a 12-4 score or something like that. Today, they are stronger, and tonights game will say a lot about what this team is made of.

The Dragons are locked into 3rd place and have a very favorable schedule. The top 2 teams are undefeated, one of those teams beat us by a 3-2 score. In the next 4 weeks, 3 of the 4 teams we will face are in the bottom half of the league. While this is encouraging to think we will finish with a very good record, it makes me wary. A team which cruises through the season like this can be relaxed come playoff time. It will be my job and the job of the captains on the team to keep them sharp.

Ice hockey playoffs start this week, and my team has a first round bye. I am tempted to go see how the other teams do this week, but I haven’t decided yet.

Back on track

After ending the week on a slump last week, I rebounded and won all my games this week.

The Fury are stacked and show no signs of slowing down or having an off night. They won decisivly and even I was bored in net. Still, with a 5-0 record, they are showing signs of being the team to beat. The next 2 games will tell where we stand in the pecking order of the division.

My ice hockey team, the Kodiaks, rebounded from an off night and I played pretty well in a 10-3 victory. I played for the game before ours and won that one as well in a tight 2-1 victory. I still felt like I could have stopped a shot or two that went in. Still, with playoffs 2 weeks away, it was a good start to getting back on track.

Tonight the Dragons went 4-1 and now sit in 3rd place after beating Ionia Skateland by a 5-3 final. Ionia was tied with us, and with that win we are now sitting pretty. The undefeated Aces and Penguins are above us. I feel pretty confident that we are going to make playoffs and make some noise in about 5 weeks.

I have improved this week, but with that improvement means I must get better next week. I still think I should have done a little better even though I won all my games. I have to strive to do better.


After a run of solid games, I had a bit of a stumble the last few days. It all started last night after I turned in a solid performance in a 3-2 loss. I played ice hockey afterwards and let in 2 bad goals in a 5-4 loss. Tonight I had a couple more bad goals in a 5-3 loss. Three losses in a row, but the losses don’t concern me as the two bad games with two bad goals each that I had.

I am concerned. With ice hockey playoffs approaching in a few weeks, and roller hockey almost 1/2 done with I have hit a small bump in the road. My confidence in my game today and last night was affected after letting in a few bad goals. That kind of attitude I have to turn around and quickly.