The return of McCarty

Darren McCarty made his Griffins home debut last night and it was a phoenominal game thats for sure. He netted a hat trick and got an assist in a 6-3 Griffins win. As for me, it was one of the most memorable nights I have had going to a Griffins game. The energy in the arena and from the fans were just incredible.

I was excited as well. I spent the game with Jim, Pam, Todd, and Dave. All friends of mine who were great to talk to and share the moment with. Is this the top moment in Griffins history so far? I think top 5. The top moment being the first game they played here in GR. This was pretty damn close though. People don’t remember history very well, and are more willing to be in the moment than anything else.

Personally, this was the best Griffins game I have ever seen. I can only hope Saturdays game will be just as enjoyable.

I also couldn’t help but feel happy for Darren. Here is a guy who made some mistakes in his life, and who has worked hard to overcome them. It is my hope that he continues to work hard and overcome those problems that have plagued him. He may not make it back to the NHL, although I hope he does. If he never sees the NHL ice, I hope he keeps playing hockey for the enjoyment of the sport. He has a lot of fans and there are worse things in life than getting paid 70k a year playing for the Griffins.