Back to work

Having no rollerhockey over the last couple weeks has been relaxing. However, it was back to work today in roller as I showed up for our Fury’s practice and it was a scrimmage against the top team in the league last year, The team that my Stick Heads came out and beat in the finals in OT. I played ok, but I was rusty and it showed. Both teams really didn’t play strong D and was just playing around. In the end, we lost 9-8 but as I said it wasn’t a big deal. There were some shots I should have had, but it was a good lead-in to next weeks opening of the new rollerhockey season.

I had to play ice an hour later and we won that game 8-3. It was tied after the first period as a few goals got by me that should never have gotten by. One was a five hole goal, and the other was a scrum in front of the net where I should have covered the puck. You live and learn I guess, but still, its chances like that where you just shake your head.

I have to get in better form for playoffs. I am already thinking to 6 weeks out when playoffs start, and my mind can’t be there. Anyone can win a 1 game playoff, and I have said since the beginning of the season this is my season to win my first ice hockey championship. That begins with playing solid in net now. Not waiting 6 weeks and then trying to play solid. I have to turn in a solid work ethic every game, and not saving myself for the future.

I need to do something about it.