A better fate?

My ice hockey team was shorthanded with only 7 guys, but 3 of our best guys. Yet, we still tied 3-3. I had one pretty weak goal that went 5 hole on me. I didn’t have my stick down to stop the low shot so that was a bummer deal. Still, I think I played pretty well considering we only had 7 guys. Maybe the other team thought they deserved to win that game. Either way, a tie is a tie. We were 2 points back of the first place team, and if they win today, we will be 3 points back.

The regular season goes until March so we have time to make up some ground hopefully.

My rollerhockey teams for next season are all finalized. I will be playing for the Dragons on Wednesday/Thursday and the Fury on Tuesday. I knew at the beginning of last season that I would stand a good chance to get into playoffs with both of my teams. This season is more of the same. All I have to do is come out with confidence and a strong effort each game to get the job done.