Yesterday was a very memorable day. There were some things that I remembered from yesterday that I didn’t mention. The first was the opposing goalie I faced last night, Andres.

When I first started playing goalie, I tried to be as good as other goalies I saw. I pushed myself to beat the people who had beaten me. The first was Randy, who was a damn good goalie. Then it was Joe and Paulie from the Riverfrogs. Then it was Staple, and now its Andres. I have never beaten Andres in a title game before. My record against him in the regular season has always been bad when we are on pretty even teams in terms of skill. Playoffs are even worse for my record when playing against him. Last night, in that title game, things were different and we won.

A few notes though, he wasn’t at full strength. He had a knee injury and missed 3/4 of the season. Admittedly, he was only at about 80%. So what does that mean for me? Well, the result was in my favor this time, but what about when he is at 100%? I guess we will find out down the road.

I will be 36 this year in June and as I get older, the time just flies by. How many more championships can I possibly win? Every playoff series I feel I am fighting more and more to keep the clock turned back. I am fighting to show that I can still play this game. I don’t want it to end anytime soon. The more I show people I can play, the more invites I get to play on teams. The more people ask me to play on their teams. I have built up a lot of respect around the rink and that pleases me. When I was in high school, I never could run the fastest, swim the farthest, or even earn my varsity letter in wrestling. I never was a great athlete, but I wanted to be one. Now, in hockey that is changing for me and all my dreams have came true.

The only goal that sits unfulfilled is winning an ice hockey championship. That will come to me very soon I hope. Hopefully this coming March/April.