It still gets me going

The night before playoffs has always been hard on me in some way.  Last season, I didn’t feel pressure because none of my teams made it in.  The only reason why I actually won a championship last season was because I was fortunate enough to be asked to play for other teams due to their goalies not being able to attend.  This season, its different.

This season, I played on 2 teams and both of them made it.  Right now, all I can think about is how I am going to play tomorrow.  I am upbeat and positive in my thinking.

I turned on Miracle and watched just the part where USA and the Russians play.  I watch the coaches speech before the game and the celebration afterwards.  I remember how happy I felt to achieve my first trophy.  My 3rd trophy was with the Stick Heads and my first going all the way through the playoffs in net.  After Neal scored that goal in OT, I just remember coming out of the net, falling to my knees and raising my hands to the sky.

Now, I come full circle.  The Stick Heads are back, and first season back they are 3rd in the division and ready to make an impact in the playoffs.  My other team, the Dragons, are in a position to make some heads turn.  Every game the Dragons will play, they will be an underdog team.

I promise myself this….no matter the outcome I will accept it and move on.  No more second thoughts about decisions I have made.  If I don’t win a championship this season, I will just come back stronger next season.  I have went 7 straight seasons, almost 2 years, with winning a championship in one division or another.  Eventually, that has got to run out.

I just don’t want it to be tomorrow.