The home stretch

With the playoffs approaching, all my teams look to be in for sure.

Despite the Dragons losing on Thursday last week, it looks like they will clinch 6th place even if they lose which is the last playoff spot. All the teams in the top part of the division are going to be tough games so I am not concerned. Every game was going to be a tough one reguardless of who we play.

Same goes for my Stickheads team. They are going to clinch 3rd overall in the division, maybe 2nd if they get lucky. Every game is going to be tough in that division as well so it doesn’t matter where we sit.

After going through a drought on my teams last season when it comes to playoffs, this season I am back in the fold with 2 playoff teams. Just like last season though, I am relaxed coming into the playoffs this season. I wanted to be in the playoffs after missing them with all the teams I started for last season. I got there. Now, I am going to be faced with the prospect of doing it as a underdog, which I have done before.

I have won 20 rollerhockey league playoff championships ranging from beginnner to advanced. My ultimate goal still hangs over me and that is a ice hockey championship, which I will get a shot at in April.

Right now though, my thoughts are on my next 2 games, and then playoff Saturday. After playoffs are over with, it will be getting together for dinner with friends and teammates. I am looking forward to it.