Coming on strong

With 2 weeks left in the regular season for both of my roller teams, they are heading into their final games strong. The Dragons won their last game by a final of 5-2 against Branns which puts them in a solid 4th place with 2 games to go. My Stick Heads team won their last game with only 5 players total by a 7-3 final. Lastly, my ice hockey team finally knocked off the top ranked team in the division by a final of 5-3.

The last 3 games I have played above average. Especially last night in ice hockey when I got flat out lucky on a few shots. If I learned anything though, its that I have to cover the puck a lot faster. One goal I gave up was one where I made the stop and thought my defenseman would take it up ice or clear it. That didn’t happen. Another time my defenseman had to take a penality to stop a scoring chance. I have to cover those pucks and force a faceoff.

The sore throat and aches that have been annoying me as of late are finally starting to subside. I have been playing much better so I have to wonder why I am playing so well when I don’t feel 100%. Scary thought.

Dragons have 2 games to go with a big one coming tonight. Winning out may mean we move up to 2nd place overall in the division which means a 1st round bye.