Just a tad disappointed

In my first game last night, my Stick Heads continued their winning ways with a solid victory. I had a solid game as I let in only 2 goals. One shot went off my own defenseman’s skate and another was a screened shot from the point. Feeling pretty good with myself, I played my second game against the Fury with the Builders and did fair in a 7-0 loss. I completely missed 3 shots I should have had, but the goalie on the other end, Jeff, was playing awesome.

With :22 left, the Fury called a timeout and I was pretty upset. Why call a timeout with a 7 goal lead? I let their captain know about it by doing something I don’t do often. I nailed him in the shinguards with my goalie stick. I did it again when he confronted me and I dropped my gloves. After a couple face washes, our teams and refs pulled us apart and we went upon our merry ways.

We made up afterwards, but I let him know that was a pretty classless act. Of course, upon thinking about it, what I did was pretty classless as well. I have never fought out on the rink before and that was something I don’t want to get into the habit of doing. So while my first game was pretty satisfying, the ending of the night left a little to be desired.