The last 2 weeks

Over the course of the last two weeks, I have recharged my batteries. I played a couple ice hockey games, but for the most part I took myself out of the game of hockey. I watched a lot of it on TV, went to a few games in Dallas while on vacation, but I was trying to get myself ready for the start of the season which is tonight.

At the end of last season, I took a long hard look at myself. The playoffs I played a little over 2 weeks ago was the best I have done in a long time. In 4 games, I let in 8 goals and went 3-1. However, regular season I was not solid. My teams both struggled and I in turn struggled in net. I let in soft goals. My positive outlook changed to negative midway through the season. I started thinking about that and tried to come up with some conclusions to my struggles.

The main thing I can think of is that I was trying to captain a team and play goal at the same time. It seems that when I am trying to captain a team, my mind is not on the game. Last time I did that my team went 4-7 on the season. Last season we went .500 and missed the playoffs. My mind should always be on the game. Not on who is going to show up and worrying about who needs to pay and so on. My mind must be on my job the whole time.

The last two weeks have been very kind to me. I went to Dallas for a week and relaxed on vacation. I went to a Dallas Stars game and saw Mike Modano tie the record for the most points by a US born player. The bummer is they lost in the last 45 seconds to Chicago. I went to a Texas Tornados and they lost in OT, but I had never been to a NAHL game. It was a very up tempo hockey game thats for sure. Its too bad the college hockey game is way to clutchy and grabby because they could learn from the NAHL. Lastly, I went to a TCU football game and saw the horned frogs beat New Mexico in a shutout.