24 hours later

About 24 hours ago, I was sitting here knowing I would miss the playoffs for the first time in over 3 years with all my teams. Now, I am in a situation where I am going to be playing for a couple teams tomorrow. As I know in playoffs, every team has a shot. I just have to come out and play strong for both teams.

The Dingos are in Beginner and sitting in 2nd place.

The Penguins are in Beginner/Intermediate and sitting in 1st place.

I could be playing as few as 2 games or as many as 5 on Saturday. Thats if no other teams call me for games. I feel very honored to be playing for these teams and all I want to do is go out there and leave a very positive impression upon them and play a very solid game in net.

There is part of me that feels as if I don’t deserve to play on Saturday though. Maybe its the fact that I slumped this season and just started to turn it around near the end. My sense of accomplishment died when my last team got eliminated on Tuesday night. It will be important to shake those feelings and thoughts loose so I can play solid on Saturday.

Speaking of my teams….

My Dekleine Builders team finished without a fight in a 10-3 loss. I was playing pretty well, but my defense wasn’t helping me at all. In the end, getting beat 8 times out of 10 by much more skilled players just wore down on them in the end. My confidence was low for 4 weeks straight and I played very poorly. I feel their fustration.

Then, in ice hockey, it was famine as I pitched a 8-0 shutout as my team continues to dominate. We are in the process of moving to a new night or changing our team around to suit the league we play in. While I like to win, I don’t like watching every game like a spectator and getting more shots in warmup than I do in a game.