My Tuesday team still has no clarity when it comes to the playoff picture. Even after a big win where we outhustled and outplayed a team that is 3rd in the standings, our situation is still in limbo. We are still out of the playoff picture, but could sneak in if things go right for us. Then again, we could be on the outside looking in. Either way, we have a shot.

Tonight, we played as a team in a 10-4 victory. We took a 8-0 lead, and had to play 1 player down for the last half of the game. I admit, it may be too little too late, but at least we keep our hope alive.

As for our Sunday league, I got word that we would be put in the finals game on Sunday against the Phantoms at 5pm. There is only one thing I thought after that was announced. Its my game to lose. I am convinced if I play my game and play it well, we will win that game. I believe we have the team to do it. I can put all the bad goals and bad starts beind me by playing one game well and icing a championship.

I realize it won’t be easy, but I am just brimming with confidence. About 2 weeks ago, I had none. After a few weeks with some solid games, I am starting to regain my form. Tomorrow’s test will be a key for me.

Oh, and my ice hockey team is still in limbo too…..