In limbo

I have 2 teams in limbo right now.

My Wednesday ice hockey team could still stay together if they move to Thursday, if a team moves down to our level OR if they find a spot for us. Right now, no word…

At the same time, my Sunday team is in limbo. After losing to the top team in the league last week, we won tonight moving our playoff round robin record to 2-1. The championships are next week Sunday. The top 2 teams make it. The team we beat finished 2-1 as well. So, who is going to make it into that championship game? It should be us because we beat them in head to head competition. At the same time, it could be by some other stat, but I think head to head should be the tiebreaker. Thats just me though.

Overall, I played decent today. First goal was my fault since I didn’t cover my angles very well. However, my team bounced back and we took a 5-1 lead. We won the game 9-4.