The NHL is back!

Its good to see the NHL back on the ice for another season.

After a long summer, and missing out on most of the preseason games, and most of the action in London for the first two regular season games, I got a chance to see the Wings on Wednesday. Great to see them get off to a winning start.

Then I caught most of the action on my Center Ice package last night. With games on every night, that package pays for itself.

2 thoughts on “The NHL is back!

  1. avatarPrimis

    Center Ice is a wonderful thing. It’s free until October 10th right now on DISH, DirecTV, and select cableco’s. It’s slowly taking over our household. We must have watched chunks of 4 games last night, including the CBC telecast of Sens-Leafs.

    It’s pricey though for families. As much hockey as we could probably watch, it’s still a lot of dough for the full season. We’re considering it, but I don’t know…

    — Primis.

  2. avatarChristopher Brian Dudek Post author

    The center ice package is probably the best value in sports entertainment. If you order right away, you save some money off the full price of the package. Plus, as a fan of hockey, you will appreciate the sheer amount of games that are available. Especially considering the cost of attending a game these days. Not counting Red Wings games, which are obscene, if I went to Chicago to see a game I would have to drive hours away, pay for parking, attending the game isn’t cheap (Dallas Stars tickets for lower bowl are $85 a piece!), and so on.

    For the price of attending one game, I can get the full package and even spend money on enough munchies for 1/2 the season. Its crazy!

    Anyway, I know its not cheap to pay 4 payments of like $35 or something like that. I admit, my wife pays the bills, but its a worthwhile package for a hockey fan.

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