A step in the right direction

Last night I posted a win and made some good saves in the process. The team was not that good, but I still feel good that I made some key saves in that game. A few things to work on today though.

First, I have to cut the angle off better. I am not playing my angles as well as I have in the past. Today, I am going to make that adjustment.

Second, come out and take the shot. I was sitting too deep in my net the last two weeks. Last night, I really came out to take the shot aggressively. Tonight I am going to do the same thing.

Lastly, stay confident. Last night, my confidence didn’t waiver because we were just shelling them. Tonight is going to be a different game. Staying confident is a key thing for goalies. The instant you lose confidence in your game is when things go badly. Tonight, I am going to stay confident in my game and play it well.

With both of my teams on the outside looking into the playoff picture, I haven’t given up hope that one of my teams will make it in. At the same time though, I am dismissing our playoff chances at this stage. I have to concentrate on rebounding this season and playing a better all around game. I need to be prepared for the future. Playoffs this season are a bonus if we make it. Rebounding and playing well is a necessity for the Stick Heads Reunion Tour next season.