Its a new season

Tomorrow night, a new season will be upon us.  A new season of NHL hockey and man am I excited.  College hockey used to be my favorite, but now with the new tweaks in the rules, the NHL has won me over.  It has been a long summer without the NHL.

The unfortunate part is that I am going to miss most of the action on Wednesday.  I have roller at 6pm and then ice at 10pm or something like that.  I might be able to catch most of the Red Wings game and then part of the Colorado vrs Stars game after that.  My Thursday will be much more forgiving and there are a ton of games on my NHL Center Ice package then.

Last night I had a dream about hockey playoffs.  I wasn’t struggling in them or winning every game.  It was just about how I interacted with the rest of the players.  I could tell the emphasis in my dream wasn’t about the game, but about the people around the rink.  Upon waking up, it took me a while to analyze that dream, but now I think I have figured it out.  I love to compete, but the whole idea of playoffs isn’t just about the games but about the people you play with and against.

I know, that was a little overly philosophical, but still, something that I am thinking about now.