An improvement

It wasn’t my best game, but it was a definite improvement over my games in the last few weeks. We lost 7-4, and I really can’t say I let in any horribly bad goals. I played my angles a lot better than I have in recent weeks. The biggest improvement was that I played with much more confidence than I have in a while. Could I have played good enough to win that game? Possibly. The opposing goaltender was just a stud in net. He was coming up with a ton of great saves. On this day, he outplayed me for that playoff win.

So whats next with my Sunday team? We have one game next week, and it may be my last with them. Its a round robin playoff so I don’t know how they will score things if we beat this next team but the team we lost to today loses to them. I can only assume we won’t be winning a championship in the division.

With all the Saturday playoffs I have played at Rivertown, this one feels a little more empty than others. Maybe it is the round robin tournament style. Maybe it is because it isn’t a single playoff day where everyone is playing. Maybe its the uncertainty in the tournament itself on if you win 2 and lose 1, and there are ties, who gets that championship?

I had fun playing up north though. Its a different rink with different rules with a different mindset on how the game is played. It was a learning experience. Best of all, it was fun. So now what? Will I come back next season? I don’t know.

My main focus now is to come out and have strong games this week. I want to have a few strong roller games and build my confidence back up to where it was about a month ago. After today, I am feeling much better and I just have confidence that I am going to have a strong game come Tuesday.