I played 2 games for Howie’s hockey tape today, and we went 1-1. It was my first win in the last 5 games I have played. I was especially pleased to win, but I was upset with the first game I played of the night. I ended up getting blown out 12-8, and I just couldn’t come up with a stop all game. Then I came out and played a lot more solid, but still not great. Still, it was a win.

Now, Howie’s starts their playoff defense in a 4 game round robin tournament. I won’t be around next week, and it looks doubtful for me to return next season on Sunday. There is part of me that will miss coming back for this team, but there is another part of me that will welcome the rest. Right now, I will be playing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That I think may be enough hockey for my 35 year old body.

Right now though, I am exhausted. I just ate and I am ready to sleep. Gonna go to bed early tonight.