The grind

Over the last 2 weeks, I have played a total of just 1 hockey game. My body is feeling much better for the rest and just in time too. We start back up again today and I have 2 games tomorrow. To be honest, I have missed playing.

The Builders are sitting in 4th with 6 games to go and we have a tough game tonight. Dekleine Builders needs to find the back of the net. Howies Hockey Tape has 2 tough games on Sunday.

The big game I am looking forward to is our championship ice hockey game tomorrow night. For the 3rd time in my career, I have made it to the championship finals in ice hockey. I would like to think that I will get lucky or fortunate one of these times. However, it just hasn’t happened yet. You know how you imagine yourself in a great situation and coming up with that big stop or that game winning save? I have been thinking about that a lot.

I really just want to win this game. I want to win every game, but this one I want really bad.