I don’t mean to complain

My week has been pretty good overall. All my teams won their games, but I have to complain about a few things. The first being my right leg, which has been sore and stiff for the past 2 days. I stretch it out every day, but just walking around is slightly painful. Imagine playing in goal on it.

Another concerning issue is that I have been tiring a lot easier than I have in the past. Maybe it is because of the heat playing Rollerhockey as I don’t have this problem playing in the air conditioned roller rink up north or ice hockey for that matter. Still, its concerning me a bit.

I am really looking forward to 3 days off with no hockey. My leg needs some time to heal and I am just physically tired after my game last night.

In respects to my games, while I have won all of them this week, my concern is that none of my teams are playing to their full potential. In about 8 weeks, come playoff time, playing to your full potential is going to be key. Playing hungry and wanting to win the game more than your opposition is key. I am going to try to bring out a little of that in my teams in the coming weeks.