My last few games

I had a very successful week in hockey this week.

The Builders got off the ground with a win on Tuesday. After falling down 3-1, we came back and won 9-4. The team we played only had 6 guys while we had 9. The opposing team was just exhausted by the middle of the 1st period and we were just hitting our stride. We will have tougher tests thats for sure.

Dekleine Builders had a 4-2 lead, but lost 6-4. If there was any game I wanted this week, it was this one. Maly’s, the team that beat us, was short on guys as well and they were missing their stronger skaters. Dekleine just ran out of steam and couldn’t keep up with the offense that Malys had. I had a couple goals that got through me that I should have had and some rebounds that I should have covered. Wins are going to come at a premium and I feel this game got away from us. Especially with a 2 goal lead going into the 3rd period.

The Kodiacs won 6-2 as well which helps their playoff seeding with just one game to go before playoffs. Our playoff success is going to ride on me playing my best game for 3 straight weeks thats for sure.

Last night I subbed in for Spectrum Health and lost 6-3, but I was very proud of my play. Spectrum hasn’t won a game this season, and I was stopping shots left and right. The ones that did beat me weren’t weak goals thats for sure, and I made my fair share of huge saves. I also got a few lucky bounces, but hey, thats hockey. At the end of the 2nd period, it was 2-2 and the opposing team was bitching. That brought a smile to my face. I am sure they were worried about the outcome of the game against a team that hasn’t won a game this season.

That game last night really made me realize just how good I play when I don’t care about the outcome. When I am playing for any team that I agree to play for all season, I want to win and I want to do well. Last night, I wanted to play well, but I just didn’t care about the end result. I made more diving saves last night than I have in the previous 4 weeks combined. Maybe it is because I am not puting pressure on myself and as a result, I am not second guessing myself. Who knows. Point is that I should really play like that every game.

Now I get a few nights off before I start it all over again on Sunday. My body is aching a little today so I am glad to be honest. As much as I like the sport, it takes a lot out of me by the time I play my 5th game in a week.