Solid game

After playing 2 bad games at the start of the season, Howie’s Hockey Tape has won 3 in a row. Yesterday afternoon, we played the 1st place team and won in a shootout 5-4. The only weak goal I gave up with the 4th goal which was a shot along the surface that just went under my pad. The forward used our own defenseman as a screen, so it was a tough situation to be in. Still, I didn’t react fast enough. Either way, a win is a win and now we are 3-2.

After starting the season 0-2, I thought we were in for a rough ride. However, things are starting to come together I think. I am playing a lot better than I was. The team in front of me is playing very well. One thing I worked on yesterday was covering the rebounds and pucks right in front of me. I am going to work on playing the puck more efficiently. Howie’s wanted me to play it once last night and I hesitated doing so. The opposing team didn’t score on the play but thats not the point. I have to do things like that to help my teammates out at times.

The opposing goaltender really played his ass off last night. He had a lot of great saves during the course of that game to keep his team in it. Without him, that game would have been a 10-4 game. He came up with glove saves on breakaways like crazy. I was very impressed with his game.