My goal

What is my goal when I play hockey? To win? To win playoff championships? To be the best goalie? Everyone has their standards they set and mine has always been championship or bust. I have been very fortunate to be on many championship teams. Some have been the best in the league after the season is over and have cruised through the playoffs. Others have been #4 seeds that have barely made it in, and yet won it all. Then I have had some #1 seeds that have dominated through the regular season, and then struggled in playoffs and got ousted.

In the end, its all about that trophy I lift up at the end of the day on Saturday. Now, why is that? A lot of it has to do with how others look at me. I always feel the pressure of the people I play with and against to look at me favorably. I feel like a failure if I don’t win it all. If I don’t win my final game of the playoffs, its a bad season to me.

Those are very lofty expectations. I have been fortunate to be a playoff champion for the better part a year and a half. Six consecutive seasons I have been a champion on one or more teams. A total of 18 trophies later, and I am still hungry for another one.

At the same time though, all good things must come to an end. Will that streak end this season? I would like to think no, but who knows how it will all turn out. When my season does and, and I don’t hold a trophy in my hands, I should not be discouraged. You can’t be a champion every season. New players should get the opportunity to taste victory. New teams should get the chance to be a winner.

In the end, I have achieved more than I can possibly imagine.

The reason for this post is to have me realize that this run I have been on for the longest time is going to end soon. When it does, I know I will be devestated. In return, I will probably retreat deep within myself and not want to go out with my friends or the other players. Mainly because of how others will view me. That isn’t the right course of action.