Retribution? Possibly…

I skated out last night as Dekleine completed a 10-0 season. My brother Ian was in net and played very well. I had a couple shots on net, but nothing spectacular. It was fun to play with these guys this season. Now we have playoffs to look forward to, where we will have the odds against us. We will have 7 guys for the playoffs against a tough Village Bike Squad for the championship. I am looking foward to the opportunity.

Today I got a call from Jeff, captain of Who Cares who plays on Tuesday. I was given the opportunity to play for Who Cares in the playoffs on Saturday, which I accepted. They are going to be short players so Jeff is going to skate out while I am in goal. I am very eager to play for them, but I couldn’t help but wonder why Jeff called me. Especially since I have struggled in net this season, and especially these last two weeks. If a goalie is not playing up to par, would you ask him to play for you? He said I always bring a strong game on Saturday. While I always have, there is a lingering doubt that I am going to do the same thing this year.

Its hard to shake that doubt once you let it creep into your head and start letting it affect you. No matter how much I ignore it, it keeps coming back.

I am going to show up extra early to my game tomorrow and take extra shots. I have one game to get my confidence back and my game back for that matter.