Too many weak goals

Last night I played a pivotal game that we needed to win and I played it very poorly. I let in a couple very weak 5 hole goals and we got whitewashed 12-5. That eliminated our hopes to make playoffs on Tuesday nights, and also ended the team as we know it as no one is returning. There is a possibility that I may play for the Builders next season on Tuesday….but thats just a chance at this point.

I have hit the lowest point I can go in hockey right now. Pucks are going off me and going in. Shots are going 5 hole on me. My angles are off. I don’t know, but I better get a adjustment in my confidence and play real quick. Playoff Saturday is just a few days away.

I am going to skate out today and enjoy the game. Then, maybe I will try to pick up a game or two in net before the end of the week. I really need to find another level to my game.