What is going on with me?

Even after a come from behind victory, I lost a little confidence in my play. Just like last night, I was bit by two bad bounce goals. Last night, one goal beat me to the side of the net. I had my leg against the post, but it wasn’t firmly against it, and a guy beat me with a weak backhand shot. Tonight, I had a puck go off of my pads when I was laying in the crease and the shot went into the net. Another shot went off of my own defenseman’s foot and into the net. Just seems like every bad luck bounce went against me.

After the game, weary from a long day at work, I started to have doubts about my puck stopping ability. What is going to happen come playoff time if I let in bad goals like I have been letting in the last few days? I am trying to shake these bad thoughts, but it is hard to do.

I am going to try to sleep it off and come back strong on Friday.

I believe my problem is that I feel slower than I have in the past. With that, my confidence has waivered a bit. I am pretty sure its all mental and I need to get my mind back into the game.