Better start but still need improvement

I had a great start in ice hockey last night in a 7-5 win. I did let in 2 bad goals in that game, and kicked out a lot of rebounds that I should have covered a lot more quickly, but a win like that helps matters. My team was happy with my performance. I was the only one complaining that I let in 2 bad goals. One was a weak wrist shot that went 5 hole on me and the other was the fact that I didn’t have my leg tight against the post and someone put the puck at that spot on the backhand. Even though I am upset with my performance on those two goals, I played very well through the course of the game.

I was slumping bad the week before the break. With a week off, I am feeling much better this week. With about a week and a half before playoffs, I am ready to kick it in the ass. We will see just how ready I am over the next couple games. Tonight, I have a big game against Village Bike and on Friday we play the 1st place team. If we win out, we will take the division and have a bye the first round.