In the last 5 seasons, or almost 1.5 years, I have won a total of 8 playoff championships. This season, I would like to achieve a total of 10. Greedy? Possibly. However, I look at it as that it all comes down to my age. At 35, how many shots do I have to get to the top? What about in ice hockey for that matter? The seasons are longer there.

I am sitting at a total of 17 playoff championships ranging from beginner/intermediate all the way up to intermediate/advanced. It sure would be nice to hit 19 by the end of this season. Especially with the next season still in doubt.

What teams will I be on? Will Brass move to Wednesday? Will Dekleine Builders move to Tuesday or stay on Wednesday. If they stay, will Biohazard move to Wednesday and get players to compete in that league with their top 2 forwards leaving?

A lot of these questions have no answers at this point, and I am trying to shut them out of my head. 2 weeks to go and I have 2 teams in playoffs right now. 1 team on the bubble. I can only hope I turn in good performances over the course of the next 2 weeks and through playoff Saturday.