Days of uncertainty are coming

With 2 weeks left to go in the regular season, I have been thinking about what I am going to do come next season already. My Tuesday team is not returning. My Friday and Wednesday teams are in flux and may be put in the same division. If so, which one do I stick with? What do I do if I only choose one team to play on?

For 5 straight seasons, I have won a total of 8 playoff titles. When it comes to being fortunate to be on competitive teams, I haven’t had a shortage of opportunities. When it comes to good fortune in the playoffs, I have been given a lot of it. I have had more success in the last year of playing hockey than I have in a long time.

Yet, as this season comes to a close, I find myself at a crossroads. What teams will I stay on? Do I really want to play two games on Wednesday night? Doubt is creeping into my mind, which is ok to happen on the holiday off week.

Ah yes, the holiday off week is a nice time to heal and do other things. I have been playing a little bit more World of Warcraft which is a break from the norm of playing hockey all the time.

Then, I have been following where all the NHL Free Agents have been going. Detroit lost Schneider but got Rafalski, which in my mind was a good move. Then they lost Bertuzzi to the Ducks, but at 4 mil per season, I am not suprised they let him go. Thats too much in my opinion.