If it wasn’t for bad luck

I seriously wouldn’t have any luck at all right now if it wasn’t for bad luck. After losing to a series of bad bounces and second guesses on Friday, I lost again the same way last night. I had a shot dip under my glove and into the net. Another one hit the crossbar, popped in the air, and dropped in behind me. It was just another series of bad luck goals, and on top of that, I was second guessing myself on my position everytime which meant I was sitting deep in my net and not confident.

Its also very discouraging when a few members of your team lose their cool and take ill advised penalities. With the game tied, we had 3 men in the box and the other team had a 2 man advantage. I know I had some bad luck bounces go my way, but we sure did shoot ourselves in the foot last night. Along with the smoking gun we held in our hand, we also shot away our chances to make the playoffs with this team. For the first time in a long time, I won’t get the opportunity to defend my title on Tuesday night, unless we get some serious help and we win our last 3 games.

The bumps, bruises, aches, and pains are a little more noticable now than they were 6 years ago. Aside from that, the emotional discomfort level is more than I want to admit. I am a competitive guy that wants to win. When I don’t play well, I call myself out on it. When my team doesn’t play well, I call myself out on what I could do better. While my last 2 games haven’t been my best, I have 2 other roller teams and 1 ice team to keep working on. They have playoffs coming up and the teams are driven to succeed.

On the good front, I had sushi yesterday for lunch and it was probably the best I have ever had. It was my 2nd time having it ever in my life, and I was a little nervous. However, it all turned out good. I should keep eating it here and there, but it isn’t the cheapest food thats for sure. Especially for good sushi.

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  1. Yeah our team is underachieving. I haven’t had a good season, this is the first season in years that I’ve been stuck on defense, but I thought by now I’d be doing better. Sorry for leaving you out to dry a few times man.

    A full 8 man roster that is changing like a revolving door might help as well. =) See you Tuesday.

  2. Its all good my man. I have struggled in net this season, and that is the only thing I can control. We are underachieving, but in time things will get better. Jeff took a ill advised penality and Josh really didn’t play his smartest game. Mistakes happen in the heat of things. All is good though and you played very well.

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