Congrats to the Ducks!

As much as I love hockey, I also love the special interest stories that go around it. The big story that I was interested in was the Niedermayer story. Rob had made it to the finals 2 times and lost both times. Scott had won the cup 3 times. Back in 2003, the Ducks lost in the finals and Rob was on that team. Scott was on the Devils who beat the Ducks in 7 games. I can just imagine just how hard that would have been for Rob. While his brother Scott was lifting the cup, Rob was in the locker room just thinking “what if”. It has to be a great feeling to lift the cup for the first time.

As a hockey fan, I am happy the Ducks did it. Happy for a team full of first timers who have never won it before. Except for Scott Niedermayer, no one else on the team had done it before. I also feel happy for Chris Kunitz. A standout at Ferris State that went undrafted and signed with the Ducks as a free agent. He was a sniper in the regular season and is going to be a star in the NHL. Now he has a Stanley Cup ring to add to his collection.