Blog Plugins

I am already beginning to experience the power of running your own blog. I have installed a couple spam fighting utilities on my site. Akismet and Spam Karma are both up and running. In addition to that, I found a great theme that I started using called Mandigo. If you are using wordpress as your blog, I can highly recommend them.

It’s over Johnny

The Red Wings were done a few weeks ago. The Pistons got blown out on Saturday. The Tigers, while I wish them well, I really don’t have a driving interest to watch. Now we enter the long drawn out summer of no sports interest. Now is when I start looking forward to the days of college football, and I may even watch the Lions a little more than I did last season.

Its always very boring during the summer. Nothing good on TV and no good sporting events to watch. At least I have summer hockey to keep me motivated and going. Rollerhockey and ice hockey are the best cure for the summer blues for me.

My tuesday rollerhockey team is the only team I am playing for that struggling. We have lost our last 2 games which makes this next game a must win if we are going to make playoffs. My other two teams are undefeated so far. I have been playing very well, but my teams are very good this season. As for my ice hockey team, they are doing as expected. We were up 5-0 last week on Wednesday, and we ended up tying 8-8 because my team decided we were going to win the game at the end of the first period. I can’t really say I let in any horrible goals, we just played terrible and let them back in.

On top of it all, I turn 35 this week on Wednesday.