Hockey going well

I am my own worst critic.

Rollerhockey has been going very well. My Tuesday team has won 2 in a row. My Wednesday team, who I can’t play on right now due to ice hockey and work commitments, is doing very well. My Friday team had their first game last week and won in a landslide. I am very satisfied with my level of play in rollerhockey.

Ice Hockey on the other hand has been satisfying, but mistake prone. Our first ice hockey game we lost because of bad bounces. Both goals were scored off of blocked shots that squirted out to wide open players who threw the puck in the open net. Last night, I had a ton of shots, and played pretty well. However, I wasn’t aggressive enough. Case in point, one time the puck was about a foot in front of me and I didn’t cover it. One of the opposing forwards grabbed the puck, deeked around me, and roofed it. There was another weak five hole goal I gave up that just wasn’t acceptable to me. We tied 2-2 the first week and 5-5 last week. I still think the game last night should have been a win.