One week later

After a week without puting the pads on, I am feeling very content. I feel good about winning 2 championships a little over a week ago. I feel good that I did everything I could for the other teams I played for last season and into the playoffs. This season, my expectations are even higher. Expectations of my skills from others will also be high and expectations of the teams I am on as well. I have had a lot of time to think about this, and everytime I do I wonder where I will be at next season at the conclusion.

There are a few things I will miss this season….

All of the Groot Builders family and friends coming out to give me support during our games. Since I am not playing on the Groot Builders this season, I already know what I will be up against when I play them. I know I am going to miss playing with Groot this season. I don’t know if I will ever play for them again long term because the new goalie they got has history with that team. I will also miss skating out again. As much as I like skating out, my competitiveness continues to push me to play goal where I can make the most difference.

I am starting to get the itch to play again just thinking about hockey. I am really enjoying my time off though. With World of Warcraft, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the nice weather, its hard for me to get too upset about not playing. I have another week off, and it should be enough. 🙂