Both my Builders teams are in the playoffs. One of them took 3rd place with a 5-4 victory on Tuesday. The other one, Dekleine Builders, limped in with a 7-5 loss. In both games, I played below average. A couple bad goals in each game. Sitting too deep in my net on shots. Just not playing as well as I should be playing thats for sure. Especially a few days before playoffs.

This season has been a very strong one for Dekleine Builders. After finishing 7-3 the previous season they played in the division, they finished 9-1 this season. Limping into the playoffs off a bad game doesn’t bode well, but at the same time, going undefeated isn’t a good indication on playoff success.

I feel very good about my playoff chances this season. I know what I need to do. All the bad games I have had in the past will be just that….in the past. Its a chance for me to earn redemption. Its a chance for me to excel in every game I play. Then, when the games are over, I hopefully will be on top once again. It will be a long hard road thats for sure and nothing is for sure.

Maybe that is why I am feeling a little uneasy today. Two bad games before playoffs so far this week, and there was part of me having doubts in my abilities. At the same time though, I have had a bad game heading into the playoffs a few different times. Look at last season when Biohazzard lost on Friday, and yet we come back to beat them in the finals 4-0. Then there was a Fury loss in Brass to the 9-1 Black Dragons a little over a year ago and we came back to beat them 2-0 in the finals. What happened last night and tonight won’t make a bit of difference on Saturday. What happens then is remembered by everyone, including me, for a long time to come.

I will not fail.