Playoffs this week!

Saturday playoffs is not far away. In less than 5 days time, I will be attempting to win my 16th championship. I have a variety of teams to do it with, and maybe up to 3 that will be playing come Saturday. Right now, I have 2 in for sure.

Dekleine Builders has made themselves the team to beat. They have scored 61 goals in 9 games and only allowed 20 or so. Not bad for a team that took 2 seasons off and were only 7-3 the last season they played. This season, they are 9-0 so far with one game to go. My last undefeated team was with the Bulldogs, and that team got wiped out in the first round. So, with a little bit of superstition playing into my head, I am wondering if we should just lose this last game just to get it out of the way. On the same token, going undefeated and then winning the championship would be a first for me. Either way, to end my last game with a win is the goal.

Biohazard’s title defense will be a major test this year. If we want to repeat, we will have to play an undefeated team in the finals. A team that no one has beat so far this season. However, they are beatable. I am just looking forward to the challenge. Our Friday game will be a good tune up to that game since we play them on Friday. Will we come out and make a statement on Friday and Saturday? Time will tell, but I remember the last time I was in an underdog role in this league. Black Dragons went 9-1 on the season and blew my team, the Fury, out of the water in the last game of the season. The next day in playoffs, we won 2-0 in the finals. It was my very first playoff shutout ever recorded. I have forseen the same thing happening this weekend, with me winning the last game. I have no doubts we are going to win that final game this year.

The Builders are still in doubt. With one game left and our position in the playoffs in our hands, we have to win to take it. We can place anywhere from 2nd-4th place if we do. I am looking forward to this game this week. We are going to win and we will make it in.

Good things are going to happen on Saturday. I just have this feeling. šŸ™‚