The stretch run

Last night the Builders made a big step towards the playoffs with a 5-3 win over the top team in the division. That win puts us in 4th place with one game to go. A win will put us in on Saturday next week. I am confident things will shake out in our favor and we will make a good run towards the playoffs and hopefully a deep run in the playoffs. After that big win, our team discussed what is going to happen next season. Half the of the players can’t make it. My availability is in doubt due to ice hockey this summer. So it may be our last shot this season. The Builders last shot at a championship after bowing out in the first round. My last shot with this team to do something special before we all go our separate ways. Everything that has a beginning has an end I suppose.

Dekleine goes for win #9 tonight, but I won’t be with them. I will be playing for an ice hockey championship at 9pm tonight. Dekleine is in the playoffs and with a win tonight, they will clinch 1st place overall in the division.

Biohazard/Malys already clinched 2nd so the game this Friday is a moot point as well.

Can you tell I just want the playoffs to start?