Turning Point

Its been a week of turnarounds so far.

The Builders may be turning things around with a key win on Tuesday. We still sit one point out of a playoff spot, but we play that team next week. A victory will put us in control of our own destiny. One thing is for sure, and that is that we have to finish strong in the last 4 games of the season. We need to finish at least in 4th place to advance on and right now, I am counting on that happening. I just know this team is going to make it into playoffs.

My ice hockey team also turned it around with a big victory in the playoffs and making it to the final 4 teams with a 7-5 win. Each game is going to be a firefight as we just don’t have the defense to contend with other well balanced teams. As long as my team keeps scoring, the better off we will be because close games will be hard to come by. Next week we play a team with 2 outstanding players on it. The goal is simple….If I keep those two guys off the board then we will win. Let me rephrase, I am going to have to limit their points. We do that and we will be good. Keep in mind we haven’t beaten this team since the beginning of the season when they were without these two guys who are just phenomenal.

My Friday brass team has to keep things rolling tonight. I am certain we will get to the playoffs, but I would like to take 1st place back which will mean we need to win our last 5 games, which is going to be a very tough feat. Tough, but not impossible. We have to beat the team that is so far undefeated thats for sure.

The midwest regionals are going on this weekend in college hockey, and it is the first time in over 8 years I haven’t been covering them. When they have been here in MI, I have been there to provide stories and photos to various publications. This season, I am not going to do it. I am going to play hockey tonight and then go to the Wings game tomorrow. I don’t know if I have officially retired, but my motivation to take pictures and do story writing is declining or pretty much gone. That isn’t a bad thing. Maybe the fire will burn again later…

Go Wings!