Highs and lows

Its amazing how one game you can have a great high, and then the next one can be so darn low. On Monday, I played a playoff game for a team that needed a goalie at a moments notice and I played a great game in a 2-1 win. I wouldn’t say it was one of the better games I have played or anything, but I came up big when I needed to. I love playing a big playoff game like that one and it was a do or die one for that team. It really put me in good with that team so if they need another sub, they will call me thats for sure.

The low point happened last night when my Builders team lost 5-1 and it moved our record to 1-2-1-1. Its the worst record we have started at in a long time. I don’t know what to say about it other than we just did not play hungry. I let in a soft goal, but otherwise I played pretty well considering. I don’t know….we just need a fire to be lit under this team. I decided to not concentrate on them but to concentrate on my level of play which could be better thats for sure.

All things considered, its been a good hockey season. I have gotten some good approval ratings from all my teams, including a teams I have been subbing for. Last night, I was told that I was the reason why we won that game 2-1. Last week, I was told that I am a very good goalie and everyone on the team was surprised I wasn’t playing more. Personally, I enjoy hearing all the great things. Sometimes I need a small boost to my confidence like that and I appreciate it thats for sure. I don’t like to blow my own horn though. I know I am a good goalie, but I let my record speak for itself. Especially the way I play in big games.

Tonight, my Dekleine Builders team takes on the defending champions of the division. It will be interesting to see how we play against them.