Mind yourself

That was something that was said to me during my game, and it rings true.

It was a game that we lost 9-8 in OT and I didn’t play my best game. In fact, our team didn’t play their best game. That is what we are is a team after all. We are a team with plenty of talent getting outhustled and out chemistried by other teams in the division. We are now 1-1-1-1 with 4 points in the division after 4 games which puts us right in the middle of the pack.

The game tonight was a tough one for me. Seemed that every shot went in off someone, or to wide open players on the other side of the net who put it in, or off great passing plays. I wouldn’t say I lost my confidence, but we just didn’t play well. I should have stopped a few of those shots that I faced, but oh well. I have to put this game out of my mind, because we have 6 more games in the season and each of those are going to make or break us for playing in the playoffs.

I guess I am upset at a few things besides my performance. The first is my attitude towards the team. I have to be more positive and less detrimental. The second is to mind myself. Start concerning myself with stopping the puck and less with how my team is doing. Two promises I am going to keep through the end of the season.