Fun Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl has always been something I have looked forward too. Especially since one of my teammates who I won 4 championships with started hosting them. There are a ton of things to do, and this year was a blast. The highlight of the day was playing snow football in about 1 and a half foot deep snow in about 8 degree weather. We were out there playing for about an hour and fifteen minutes. I am glad I had a extra change of clothes was all I could say. I caught a touchdown pass and had a good kickoff return. To be honest, I am not the best at a physical contact sport like tackle football, but I thought I did pretty well on this day.

After freezing our asses off outside, we went in to change our clothes, eat, and then watch the football game. I was not rooting for one team over the other, so I just enjoyed the game with my friends. At that point in time, I started to wonder what I would be doing if I never started playing hockey. If I never met these people, who would I be hanging out with? Its a very interesting question thats for sure.

The roads have been horrible here the last few days. The blizzard warning we got on Saturday made the roads treacherous even today. They are snow covered and it hasn’t gotten above 8 degrees since last week. Salt doesn’t melt the ice and snow because it is so cold here.

I have 2 hockey games tonight, 1 tomorrow, and 1 on Friday. The 2 I have tonight is going to be the toughest for me since they are almost back to back. Hopefully the roads will be better tonight.