Back to the drawing board

I felt like I was going to have a super game last night. It ended up being a super disappointment for me. I let in a couple bad goals as we lost 6-2. Not every goal was bad though. The other team had 2 really awesome players that just made us look bad on every shift. These guys could skate the length of the ice and score at will. It was just crazy easy for them. Nice guys though aside from the fact they made me look foolish a few times.

Either way, back to the drawing board. Going to have to do drop in again and take shots for 1-2 hours just to temper myself back up again. I had a lot of confidence in the game last night, however, I lost it too easily after their first shot (a breakaway) went in on me. I can’t let my confidence waiver during the course of a game.

I am pretty tired today after playing last night. I might take a nap when I get home, but I haven’t decided yet.