Frustrated but Content

My playoffs this season was one of frustration, but with a happy and satifying ending.

My first game of the day was with my Builders team. They finished 2nd in the division, and with a 2-1 lead they moved into a defensive shell with 15 minutes to go. That would be our undoing which resulted in a 4-2 loss. I made a mistake on the first goal against me thats for sure. It was a centering pass from behind the net that went off my stick and into the net. A great deflection by the other team, and a big mistake by me. My stick is supposed to be down there, but my leg wasn’t against the post where it was supposed to be. You live and learn I suppose, but I was quick to point out that my team didn’t want that game. We let them have it and that was the most depressing part. There is nothing more I want than to win and compete. I just feel my team didn’t want it very badly and I was sure to point that out to them. Maybe I was too hard on them, but it was the 2nd consecutive time it happened.

I subbed in for the Penguins in their beginner semifinal game which was a 3-2 loss. I really can’t fault anyone on the team or myself for the loss to be honest. The game winning goal was preventable now that I think about it. It was a shot from the point that went over my left shoulder. The problem was that I was down in the butterfly and didn’t get up fast enough.

I then subbed in for the Dragons in beginner/intermediate in the finals which resulted in a 4-1 loss. The team we faced was a very tough 9-1 regular season team in Village Bike Shop. They played very tough and I did keep the game 1-1 up until 5 minutes left in the game when my team turned the puck over in the defensive zone which resulted in a great scoring chance and a tough goal for me to take. The puck hit me but trickled through. The other two goals were just great shots by the team and I misplayed the last goal by not playing my angles right. Still, it was not the game I wanted it to be.

After losing my last 3 games, I played for my intermediate/advanced team in the finals for the last game of the day. This game was one that was for more than a championship. It was to be our 3rd in a row if we won it. Well, my team came out and played the best game they played all season. I came up with a few saves, but damn, they played good in front of me. I saw every shot, they stepped in front of everything else. They passed very well and communicated like a great team should. It was a 4-0 win for me, and my 2nd ever playoff shutout. Even more importantly was that coveted 3rd championship in a row for our team. A great run that is for sure. One more could be considered a dynasty in our division. I feel that this group works hard to be better every season, and some groups of people deserve to win more than others. This is one group that I believe in and enjoy playing with. I am so glad they have given me the opportunity to play with them.

My total championships is now up to 15 and I don’t intend to stop there. I have high hopes for next season.

For now though, it is time to heal up. I have a neck strain from being collided into in the first game of the playoffs, and my left leg is a little stiff. Otherwise, I should be all ready for my ice hockey game on Wednesday, and then practice and ice hockey next week. A nice light schedule for the next 2 weeks.