A Game for the Ages

I stayed up last night and watched the Boise State and Oklahoma football game. Man, it was a classic. Just watching Boise State made me wonder how things would have panned out if there was a national championship playoff format instead of just 2 teams playing for it. Boise State finished with a perfect season and made a believer out of me that is for sure. It was truly a game for the ages. When OU tied it, I thought Boise State would come back to win it with 1:30 left. After the Broncos threw that interception, I thought they were done. As it turns out, they not only came back to tie it and send it to OT, but the trick play in OT to go for 2 and win it was a classic move. The best game I saw all day.

I watched Penn State win earlier in the day, and then I watched Wisconsin win over Arkansas. Being the big ten fan that I am, I turned on UofM and USC only to watch USC just kill them. Further proving the point that we do need a playoff system in college football. Boise State earned my respect thats for sure.