Back to the drawing board

I felt like I was going to have a super game last night. It ended up being a super disappointment for me. I let in a couple bad goals as we lost 6-2. Not every goal was bad though. The other team had 2 really awesome players that just made us look bad on every shift. These guys could skate the length of the ice and score at will. It was just crazy easy for them. Nice guys though aside from the fact they made me look foolish a few times.

Either way, back to the drawing board. Going to have to do drop in again and take shots for 1-2 hours just to temper myself back up again. I had a lot of confidence in the game last night, however, I lost it too easily after their first shot (a breakaway) went in on me. I can’t let my confidence waiver during the course of a game.

I am pretty tired today after playing last night. I might take a nap when I get home, but I haven’t decided yet.


My second off week from rollerhockey has been quite relaxing. Everything kicks into full gear next week when I play on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am enjoying the downtime because come next week, I will have 10+ weeks of craziness. 🙂

Ice hockey is a different story. We lost a tight one goal game again last week, and I have been looking long and hard at my play. I thought we played well as a team, but I am letting weak goals in. The acquisition of these new players have turned us into contenders, but as usual, I have to be that big difference maker. The last 2-3 games, I haven’t done that. That all has to change if we want to have any playoff success.

I can talk about it until I am blue in the face. The simple fact of the matter is that I need to be confident, come out and play my angles, and make the saves I need to make in order for us to win. Nothing less than that.


I had a nice few days to really think about the games I played on Saturday. Even though I played very well in that championship game, I was not good enough to win any of my earlier games. That doesn’t worry me, but it does wake me up thats for sure. I just didn’t come up with a strong enough game to beat any of those teams. I should have had a few strong saves, and I just didn’t come through. I have to work on my technique this coming season and turning in a stronger performance every game. Thats going to be important to me.

Defining Peyton’s Career

I watched the Indy-Pats game last night, and going into that game I knew it was going to define Peyton Manning’s career. He was 5-6 as a starter, and just couldn’t seem to shake the ghosts of his past. He was always labeled a quarterback who couldn’t win the big game, unlike his opponent Tom Brady who was 12-1 as a starter and a proven winner and big game player. When the game was on the line with 2 minutes left, Manning did what he needed to do. His team stepped up and gave him a good performance, which was just as important. Lets face facts here though, Manning wasn’t going to go very far throwing 1 TD and 5 INTs like he did the last 2 playoff games. I know you can’t put all the blame on a QB for a loss, but you certainly can factor him into your win or loss. Manning did what he needed to do to win the game, and his team did the rest. A very impressive game thats for sure.

Frustrated but Content

My playoffs this season was one of frustration, but with a happy and satifying ending.

My first game of the day was with my Builders team. They finished 2nd in the division, and with a 2-1 lead they moved into a defensive shell with 15 minutes to go. That would be our undoing which resulted in a 4-2 loss. I made a mistake on the first goal against me thats for sure. It was a centering pass from behind the net that went off my stick and into the net. A great deflection by the other team, and a big mistake by me. My stick is supposed to be down there, but my leg wasn’t against the post where it was supposed to be. You live and learn I suppose, but I was quick to point out that my team didn’t want that game. We let them have it and that was the most depressing part. There is nothing more I want than to win and compete. I just feel my team didn’t want it very badly and I was sure to point that out to them. Maybe I was too hard on them, but it was the 2nd consecutive time it happened.

I subbed in for the Penguins in their beginner semifinal game which was a 3-2 loss. I really can’t fault anyone on the team or myself for the loss to be honest. The game winning goal was preventable now that I think about it. It was a shot from the point that went over my left shoulder. The problem was that I was down in the butterfly and didn’t get up fast enough.

I then subbed in for the Dragons in beginner/intermediate in the finals which resulted in a 4-1 loss. The team we faced was a very tough 9-1 regular season team in Village Bike Shop. They played very tough and I did keep the game 1-1 up until 5 minutes left in the game when my team turned the puck over in the defensive zone which resulted in a great scoring chance and a tough goal for me to take. The puck hit me but trickled through. The other two goals were just great shots by the team and I misplayed the last goal by not playing my angles right. Still, it was not the game I wanted it to be.

After losing my last 3 games, I played for my intermediate/advanced team in the finals for the last game of the day. This game was one that was for more than a championship. It was to be our 3rd in a row if we won it. Well, my team came out and played the best game they played all season. I came up with a few saves, but damn, they played good in front of me. I saw every shot, they stepped in front of everything else. They passed very well and communicated like a great team should. It was a 4-0 win for me, and my 2nd ever playoff shutout. Even more importantly was that coveted 3rd championship in a row for our team. A great run that is for sure. One more could be considered a dynasty in our division. I feel that this group works hard to be better every season, and some groups of people deserve to win more than others. This is one group that I believe in and enjoy playing with. I am so glad they have given me the opportunity to play with them.

My total championships is now up to 15 and I don’t intend to stop there. I have high hopes for next season.

For now though, it is time to heal up. I have a neck strain from being collided into in the first game of the playoffs, and my left leg is a little stiff. Otherwise, I should be all ready for my ice hockey game on Wednesday, and then practice and ice hockey next week. A nice light schedule for the next 2 weeks.


With the playoffs approaching tomorrow, I am unbelievably calm. I think about it every now and again, but for the most part, it is out of my mind. There were times when I used to think about it starting a week before. Now, I am just ready for it to start. I am ready to compete for multiple division championships. I am ready to make my mark.

The last 3 sessions have been very good to me. I have won 5 hard fought division championships which is a lot more than many other people have won. I have said to myself that there will be a time when I will come up empty, and when I will struggle. I don’t know when that time will come, but if my confidence is any indication, it won’t happen tomorrow.

Tonight I have a league game that really doesn’t matter. I am just going to treat this as a warmup to tomorrow. After I play tonight, it is home to catch some sleep and be fresh for tomorrow.

Its been a while

It has been too long since I updated this. You know, you get a blog like this and you update it as often as you can. Then, you have thoughts that run through your head that tell you that you should mention this in your blog or talk about it. In the end, those thoughts just fizzle away and you are left with a shell when you start your next entry. I know, I know….I should update this thing as I think about it. However, things have been very busy for me.

My Tuesday team clinched 2nd or 3rd place in the playoffs this Saturday.
My ice hockey team is doing well with a 5-2 record in their last 7 games.
My Thursday team is going to make playoffs, but who knows where we will be.
My Friday team clinched 1st place, but we tied the 2nd place team 4-4 on Friday.

In Battlefield 2, I made Colonel and in World of Warcraft, the expansion comes out tonight. I will be picking up the expansion at the store tomorrow and playing it when I can.

More to come later on.

A Game for the Ages

I stayed up last night and watched the Boise State and Oklahoma football game. Man, it was a classic. Just watching Boise State made me wonder how things would have panned out if there was a national championship playoff format instead of just 2 teams playing for it. Boise State finished with a perfect season and made a believer out of me that is for sure. It was truly a game for the ages. When OU tied it, I thought Boise State would come back to win it with 1:30 left. After the Broncos threw that interception, I thought they were done. As it turns out, they not only came back to tie it and send it to OT, but the trick play in OT to go for 2 and win it was a classic move. The best game I saw all day.

I watched Penn State win earlier in the day, and then I watched Wisconsin win over Arkansas. Being the big ten fan that I am, I turned on UofM and USC only to watch USC just kill them. Further proving the point that we do need a playoff system in college football. Boise State earned my respect thats for sure.