Motivation declining

For the first time in a while, I have felt my motivation to play hockey going down. Maybe it is because of the upcoming end of the season already in January. Either that or it could be the weather. It could also be how often I am playing. Right now, I am playing at least 4 times a week! Either way, I have competitive teams and I am already starting to get a little unmotivated about playing.

Tonight I have 2 games, roller at 7 and ice at 10.
Tomorrow I have ice at 10.
Thursday I skate out at 9.
Friday I have roller at 7.

Next week I have roller on Thursday and Friday.

So much for a little time off between the holidays.

I have to find a way to get myself motivated to play. Nothing crushes a team more than an unmotivated goalie thats for sure. It also kills my goals against, but thats beside the point. What am I going to do to solve this problem? My solution is to play less, but what day or days am I going to stop playing? I think I have it narrowed down to Thursday and Friday right now. I drop one or both of those days, my week gets a lot easier.

Its a very hard decision thats for sure.