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I am not the biggest college football fan in the world, but I am smart enough to see a broken system like the BCS. Take a look at the whole discussion on who should play the Buckeyes in the championship game. Here you have two teams who deserve to have a shot. Both Florida and Michigan played tough games. Florida had a slight edge in the strength of the season, but Michigan lost to the #1 team by only 3 points. Michigan was the #2 team by a solid 44 points in last weeks poll. Florida was the #2 team by 24 points in the final poll. Thats a pretty big swing from the voters.

This article talks about how Michigan got screwed. Probably one of the best I have read that isn’t from a MI news source.

The major injustice here are the voters. These are the voters who put UofM down just because they didn’t want to see a rematch. After Michigan lost, the voters spent the next two weeks looking for excuses and reasons to avoid a rematch. The voters didn’t vote for Florida, they voted against a rematch. Further proof this “BCS” process is a total waste of time. Since the BCS was put in place, I have seen a lot of teams get shafted badly for one reason or another. This was just another season.

The only way to fix this problem is a playoff, but I don’t think that will happen. Too many coaches and universities already bitch about how many games they have to play in a season. Why not a few more? Take a few of these crappy bowl games that people don’t watch and make them playoff games. You have 32 bowl games this year. Take the top 8 teams and make a playoff out of it starting on the 19th of December. Have them play one game a week and if you lose, you are done. That is only 7 games! You will still have a ton of bowl games available. I just doubt the teams that finish 7-5 will be awarded a bowl, which is fine by me. If you want to go to a bowl game, you should be AT LEAST .750 in the win percentage. We can save that argument for another time though.

You implement a small playoff system….then you have a clear cut champion. Thats what you have in the rest of the sports world.

It is my hope that the BCS falls flat on its face every year. This year will be the same thing I hope. I hope that Florida gets killed and Michigan kills USC. Then, you will have a another controversary.

Maybe then they will look at a playoff system.

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  1. You are right about the BCS voting system being a crock. I won’t defend the decision to vote Michigan out. However, the 3 point spread against OSU does not tell the tale of that game. Michigan was primarily playing catch up the majority of the game as OSU dominated. A couple of offensive mistakes in the second half cost 2 touchdowns for OSU. Without the botched snap and the deflected pass, it would have been a 17 point spread. OSU had a few plays that just made swiss cheese out of Michigan’s defense, not to mention Troy’s fake to Chris Wells on 3rd down.


  2. Now I don’t consider myself to be a die hard Michigan fan. I am more of a Big Ten fan as I said. Looking at the game from a pretty neutral eye, OSU didn’t dominate that game. Not even close. In any game that the teams are so evenly matched, it is the team that makes the least amount of mistakes that wins. You say without the botched snap and deflected pass, that OSU runs away with the game. Well, what if the tables were turned and UofM caught some breaks their way. It could have been a 10 point spread going the way of the Wolverines. On the same token, the Wolverines had some plays that just killed the OSU defense.

    To say that OSU dominated the game is a huge exaggeration. Unless you are an OSU fan I suppose. 🙂

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