Fun stuff!

Top thing on the fun-o-meter is my computer croaking out on me last night. Darn thing just decided to start acting up to the point where I couldn’t even open IE. No spyware or malware was detected on multiple scans. I think it was a corrupted registry, but I even tried doing full repairs with no luck. Fortunately, I did a complete reinstall and that worked like a champ! The problem is that I spent ALL night on that last night and I have more work to do on it when I reinstall everything back on it today. I haven’t done this in over 2 years to this system, so maybe it was about time with all the software I put on and remove from this system. It was about time for a full reinstall.

My wife’s car was totaled in an accident, so she has been looking for a new car. Good thing is that it wasn’t her fault, and there was a witness so no high premiums for us. Still, it sucks cause now she is doing some serious car shopping. Driving from one dealership to another doing test drives. She is using a rental, and then a spare car my parents have later this week so she isn’t in a rush. But it still sucks.

My rollerhockey team got their asses handed to them on Tuesday. Their team played so much better than us it was unbelievable. Then, an hour after getting spanked, I went to my ice hockey game expecting another spanking by the top team in the division. We won one game this season and it was starting to upset everyone on the team that we didn’t have any goal scoring power. Well, I brought a couple friends to the game and we ended up winning 8-7. These two guys scored all the goals, but they are snipers thats for sure. I wasn’t expecting that much of a dominating performance to be honest. I thought if we lost 10-4, I would be happy. Instead, we upset the top ranked team and now everyone on the team seems to be much more excited about playing next week. I just hope that everyone on this team works well together the rest of the season.

Tonight I want to finish reinstalling my computer and then skate out from 10-11pm.