Gotta love beginner league

Last night I played with my beginner team and was anticipating a very good game. The team we played was one that we had beaten before. In fact, it was the only team we beat and that was a 3-1 score. We were missing one of our best players, but I still thought it might be close. I chatted with the other goalie before the game started and he said he picked up a “few recruits”. Well, a few new recruits he wasn’t kidding around. These players skated circles around our guys, cycled the puck, and really just shelled me all game. I let in some bad goals, made some good saves, and got a workout. The problem was at the end of the second period, after facing so many chances and shots, I just lost interest in the game. It was the first time in a long time that I actually just gave up and didn’t care. Of course, that didn’t stop the other team from just pumping more and more shots on me. They had more goals than we had shots the entire game. The scoreboard stopped at 11-1, but they had a lot more than that when the game ended. I don’t know why they stopped keeping score, other than maybe to not deflate us anymore.

My beginner team needs some skill badly. After that game last night, I just felt rundown and down on myself for quitting. Today I feel the same way. I have always told my teams to never give up no matter what the score is. I did it myself last night which isn’t a great thing to do when you are trying to motivate your team or show them the way.

I don’t play ice next week due to a concert I am going to so maybe thats for the best. I need a week off to recharge my batteries after last game. I know winning isn’t everything, but dammit it sure would be nice to have a couple skilled players to give me a chance to work out there and keep a team in the game. I wouldn’t have to say I didn’t have fun, but I would have a lot more fun if my team was at least competitive.